Sunday, 17 June 2007


My friend,
I do not want each of us to be convinced or to believe of what the other believes. I want only to respect each other's beliefs, because everybody has his way of thinking and beliefs.

Welcome to the discussion of understanding... understanding the other, hearing what the other is saying and then gesture to grasp other, and then he goes. Please do not attack each other, ridiculing of our beliefs, denounce and try to highlight that I am on the right while the other always wrong.

Let us introduce our different opinions, beliefs and the ideas that we want. Do not cast comparing between our beliefs on our both ears.

Please, keep the comparisons to ourselves. Do not compare between someone and the others sharing the same beliefs, because every one has his own obligation. Moreover, do not give free rain to your self to express your view on how the other fulfills his duties or assessment him. All of us should avoid the saying:" I was not convinced". Because of persuading others is not the goal none of us.

My friend... each beliefs attributable to the virtue which is the mainstay of beliefs and religions and the mainstay of traditional classes of different societies in different religious background or environmental.

My friend…Thank you for your understanding.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

the crux of the matter

Each of us has something to appetite... something to love and wish to have continually... It is irrational to see a piece of candy and simply eat it! Some spontaneous questions arise at the mental. Are those pieces of candy mine? Shall I ask before eat it? Is this piece of candy has a price? How much is it? Do I have its price? Is suit to price? Is the price fits my circumstances now? Probably after those questions, I leave it... Only I preoccupied my mind and my stomach out! So, lets train ourselves not to think of it, perhaps its difficult... Nevertheless, there are many around the world were able to refrain from a particular type of food and some were able to abstain completely from food for long periods during the day.

Therefore, it is possible, each of us can curb the desire, if the desire of candy is various from person to another, there are desires common to all human beings require curbed. This is the customs and traditions of some people, while return on religious principles to other people. But the crux of the matter, for whatever reason, no matter how different they agree on the same principle, Therefore, it is possible, each of us can curb the desire, if the desire of candy is various from person to another, there are desires common to all human beings require curbed, and go back to "Virtue".

Sunday, 10 June 2007

What's the wife?

Somebody asked me, what's the wife? what's meaning of the marriage? i didn't answer appropriate, although i've too much to say!!

anyway, my answer


1- One soul in two bodies.

2- I'm sure, she will save our money, take care of our home & kids, when i traveled or go out.

3- The person who i like to talk with her 24 hours daily, so that after i finish my work go home back quickly.

4- The person who make me happy, when i just see him.

5- The person who i know that she is tired, Although i didn't see her at the moment.

6- The only person who i know that she has some troubles, just if i look to her eyes. (get messages).

7- The only persons who i can exchange eye's messages with him.

8- She don't need to explain to me many things, because i understand how she thinking. I don't need to explain to her also.

9- The only person who i'd be glad to incentive her to be better in her work & life.

10- The only person who is endowment.

11- The only person who can cheer with her smile.

12- The only person who i feel felicitousness & beatitude with her.

13- The only person who we can cogitate together.

14- The person who i trust when she forming of an opinion, due to her realism.

15- The only person who feel peace beside me.

16 - .....
17 - ...........
more, more, more & more

i'm arduous now, may i'll come later to continue, browse this post also


There's a big difference between "female friend" & "female colleague", female colleague who can help each other in certain fields ( work, study, ..... etc), but "female friend" actually there's nothing called like that ... "the friendship" generally is secrets keeping, time giving, hurm himself instead of you, composure giving, ....etc. So, it should be between (female-female) or (male-male), otherwise it'll levelling to anguish of mind & torture.

the person who can disscus the secrets together, who can give you more time, who can help you any time, who knows more about you ... of course that's not possible between some man & woman ... may be "female friend" = the future wife, if that admissible in some societies.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

I'm sick & going to die...

Advice: Do not correlated with him with a futuristic or prospective enterprises, he is a sick man.
He is a sick man... It is a definite matter. But he will die! Please let us discuss that.
Perhaps I will die next month, because I am sick. Its okay, but can you tell me who will not die next month? Next week? Or tomorrow?
Of course, no one knows that or assure.
So let us concentrate on our functions, and practice our life with more vigor, effectiveness and capability.
Because when his or her deaths knell, no one can escape, simply since no one is in control at the death door.
Therefore, if we cannot suspend death angel, we should not let him disable us or to surrender to the frustration.
In fact, the struggle against disease, the desire and appetite for life make our life longer, not mathematically but really, we can feel it.
So, let me imprint my positive impression on life before my deaths knell... oh sorry I mean, "Our death kneels".

Friday, 18 May 2007

Piece of diamond

When any one possess a piece of diamond he protects , preserves and veils it faraway the spy eyes and the hands of intruders because he dose not want anyone to touch it.
He keeps, protects, guards it and he never ever subject it to be scratch because that means a lot and a lot !
He envelops it with silk and velvet, seeks it purity and not to be vitiate with any blemish or defect .
He adhere that it not to be affected of the surroundings and pushs the harms away of it.
He wish he can ensure an ivory tower to crown her as a PRINCESS …
The tower key will be only with him to prevent any one from sneak into as it is not public piece. It is precious, very precious.

That piece of diamond is the woman. We keep, take care of her and hide her faraway the spy eyes and the hands of intruders because we do not want anyone to touch her.
We keep, protect, guard her and never ever subject her to be scratch because that means a lot and a lot !
We envelop her with silk and velvet seeking her pureness and not to be vitiated with any blemish or defect.
We dont want her to be affected of the surroundings and push the harms away of her.
We wish we can ensure an ivory tower to crown her as a PRINCESS …
And only one man will own her hearts key.
To prevent any one to sneak into simply because she is not public property
She is precious , very precious.


Friday, 4 May 2007

Al-Salam Alikum

Al-Salam Alikum,

First, thank you for everybody who help me in my blogs, for translating, typing, ....etc. For all of them jazakom ALLAH khayeer.

Al-hamd for ALLAH before everything to help me for these 3 blogs at the same time, really that's difficult but Al-hamd for ALLAH, i'm already wrote enough materials for the next 3 weeks and already send it for typing. Of course you would ask, which kind of typing i mean? i mean the normal PC's typing by key board, yeah really, because i haven't Arabic enable or private computer, usually i use university's computer pools. So, i wrote the posts and upload it to the computer as it's by hand writing then send it to the work team for typing and finally resend back for publishing.

I ask ALLAH always to give us power, mentality to be on the way.

Mahmoud Bahgat